Dune Buggy Adventure Dubai

how to choose a buggy for rent in dubai?

You must have seen those viral off road dune buggy Dubai pictures over the Internet or your buddies enjoying buggy adventures like there is no tomorrow. It looks exciting like anything, isn't it? One more thing that excites the most is a large number of variety in terms of size and design. Start scrolling a dune buggy rental Dubai website and you will get to see that there are so many options to choose from. So, how to choose one if you haven't tried it yet? Don't worry; this blog will help you with the same.

Here are a few things you should look for while booking a buggy for rent in Dubai:

A Strong Roll Cage

Buggies are meant for desert adventures and usually driven at fast speeds. The vehicles are made light so that they can easily reach top speeds in no time. However, this light build increases the chances of injury as well. So, the first thing you should look for is a roll cage that is strong enough. It keeps you and your loved ones safe in case of an accident by absorbing shock and stiffening the vehicle's chassis.


To ensure safe and happy buggy adventures Dubai, you need to ensure a solid set of wheels that shreds through the sand without a hassle. While regular wheels can cause problems, sturdy wheels can easily propel you through the dirt and sand. There are a number of options wheels are manufactured in; the most popular are the ones made of steel or aluminium that are especially designed to go with that off-road abuse.

Powerful Brakes

Going at a speed like wind might look cool, but when it comes to deserts, it becomes important to have good braking system or you can end up meeting an accident. You are going to a desert and nothing is going to be like it usually is, not even the friction which makes it even more important to ensure a powerful braking system. Doing so, you can feel safe while ensuring a safer halt whenever required. A good braking system can be a Saviour, remember that!

Comfortable Interior

Comfort is another important aspect when you are going to book an extreme dune buggy Dubai. You must have heard your friends talking about the discomfort they faced while riding a buggy last time. However, that is not the complete truth. The fact is, a buggy ride can be very comfortable if chosen carefully. All you need to do is keep your eyes open when you go for a buggy rental. Take a look at the interior while booking the buggy and you are good to go!