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Bash Dunes in the Most Unconventional Ways This New Year!

New Year has almost arrived and people are busy planning things to give 2020 a kick-start. Some must be planning parties while some must be making bookings for a Dubai trip. Dubai is one of the most preferred locations for a New Year trip among the tourists, and the reason is obvious! The city offers the amount of charm and live energy that everyone wants to witness on such an occasion. However, there are many more things you can do in Dubai after the 31st night. One of the most popular activities is dune bashing. There are many ways to do so, take a look:

Go on a Buggy Safari

Buggy adventures in Dubai can be best enjoyed on an off road dune buggy. If you want to enjoy desert safari in a luxurious yet adventurous manner, buggy ride must be your go-to. There are agencies that provide a wide range of buggy tour options. You can easily get a buggy as there is high competition in market. A buggy safari gives you an opportunity to explore desert while setting your soul free and get lost in the vastness of the Arabian Desert.

Or Rent a Bike

Alternatively, you can rent a bike and take adventure to another level. Renting a bike is as easy as getting a buggy for rent in Dubai. All it takes is willingness to play with sand, and courage to take risk. That’s how you get the best out of a dirt bike safari. Rent your favorite bike and bash dunes like you will not get to do this again.

You May Also Try Horse Riding

Though this one is not as popular as Dubai desert dune buggy ride or bike safari, this is also one of the unconventional ways to enjoy desert safari in Dubai. Depending on your wish and horse riding skills, you can opt for it. However, there are cases when people felt disappointed as camel or horse rides in Dubai tend to be too short. So, you should do a thorough research before giving it a try.

Or May Be a Quad Bike!

Also, you can try quad biking in the sand. It might not be as comfortable as a dune buggy ride. But if you are looking forward to experience dirt bike like adventure with lesser risk, quad bike will be perfect for you!

It’s up to You

Finally, it depends on you what you want your desert safari to be like. You better know what you actually want. According to us, a buggy safari is perfect as it is safe yet every bit of exciting. But don’t go on our words; follow your heart!